Heated Smart Clothing to help keep you Warm in Cold Weather

Heated Clothing – Heated Socks – Heated Gloves -Heated Gilet – Heated Vibrating Massage Balls


Are you an adventure thrill seeker? Are you outdoors in the cold weather wherever you are?

Do you like to cycle, run, hike, ski, snowboard and be awesome at any adrenaline sport or adventure?


We ask you – Are you having trouble keeping your hands, feet and body warm?

We can help.

Our battery heated gloves, heated socks and heated Gilets are ideal for your adventure or sport. Using carbon fibre technology, we can guarantee our products will keep you warm for up to 8 hours whatever sport, adventure or activity you do.

Vulcan Smart Sportswear means you can defeat the cold, stay warm and keep doing whatever you love!

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